It is now more important than ever to learn how to detect and prevent money laundering. The fight  against money laundering and terrorist financing is an ever growing international battle and as a result, more and more laws are being passed by an increasing number of countries.

Anti-Money Laundering

Staying up-to-date with changes in IFRS is a Critical Success Factor for accounting and auditing professionals in today’s world of constantly changing accounting standards

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) – Workshop

For many companies, their largest capital investment is in fixed assets like property, plant, and equipment. With complex tax rules, changing compliance requirements, and assets coming in and out of service all the time, managing these assets can cause a real strain on your business, resulting in inaccurate depreciation expense entries and unnecessary tax overpayments

Advanced Fixed Asset Management and Project accounting

A company with smooth-running, streamlined accounts payable operations saves money by processing invoices with minimum staff and low cost of materials.

Accounts Payable and Purchasing Processes: Strategies for Business Success

The world today is characterized by rapid change and growing interdependence among nations in all areas of human endeavours.

The political stability and economic prosperity of nations have become more complex and increasingly dependent upon events beyond national borders.

Advanced International Protocol and Diplomatic

The CFO Leadership Programme is designed to develop the leadership and wider business expertise required of today’s and tomorrow’s high-performing CFOs.

Finance Directors frequently progress from being a controller and a good accountant or treasurer into a new role where they are expected to participate in developing strategy, manage a group and exercise leadership as well as keeping on top of the numbers.

CFO Strategy & Leadership Programme

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We believe that training is investment and as such, ensure that the quality of our programs offers our clients the best value for their money.


We believe in the individual. Our training allows for personal interaction with the facilitators so as to bring about maximum personal development through our training.


Our programs are designed to enhance our clients competence and relevance in an ever changing environment.

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