Jhb sep 12-14 government ministers  and  Permanent  Secretaries  conference 2018

The skills needed to win elections are very different from those required to be an effective minister. Whatever the result it may be, we will see the appointment of new secretaries  and junior ministers. Some will be taking on a government post for the first time. Others, with previous ministerial experience, will be taking on new briefs and responsibilities. The effectiveness of these individuals is likely to have a significant impact on the standing of the next government.

It is difficult to prepare for the realities of office – the sheer weight of responsibility, the round-the-clock media scrutiny, and the competing demands on a minister’s time. And there is remarkably little support in place.

This program is designed to help ministers, permanent secretary and their teams to govern and lead more effectively. It will focuses on the big governance challenges of the day and on finding new ways to help government improve, rethink and sometimes see things differently.

We will be joined by Minister who will be sharing their experiences and views on how to be an effective minister. You don’t want to miss this highly informative conference

Some of the Topics to be Discussed at the Conference

Ministerial Effectiveness

Effective government needs effective political leadership: ministers who understand and are prepared for their roles, who set clear priorities, work                 well with their departments and can cope with the huge demands of the job. Ministers must balance a number of roles: as parliamentarians, policy                 makers, advocates for their department, representatives of the collective government and their party and as public advocates.

Speaking Truth to Power

The strength of a Minister-Permanent Secretary relationship can be measured,in part, in the capacity of the Permanent Secretary to ‘speak truth to                  power’ –that is, to deliver non-partisan policy advice to their Minister even if it is unwelcome

How to prepare for the realities of government office.

                This session secession will help ministers, special advisers and private offices govern and lead more effectively, and to help opposition parties                  become better prepared for the realities of government office

Working with Ministers: The Political-Administrative Interface

Permanent Secretaries and other public service leaders support, advise, and have a unique accountability relationship with their Ministers. This                  session explored the political-administrative interface with the intent to clarify the roles and responsibilities of senior leaders; provide insight into                 effective trust- and team-building, as well as conflict prevention and resolution; and, discuss ways to infuse the public service with energy and                 commitment to implement and achieve the political agenda.   


How are Strategic Thinking Skills Best Developed and Sustained Within the Civil Service?

An examination of the best tools and techniques available to develop strategic thinking skills, and apply them in a policy context Making tough                   decision during difficult times

Importance of Risk Management  for a minister

Ministries are responsible for risk identification, prioritization and mitigation; implementation performance and risk management maturity

Managing the Civil Service, and the role of ministers and civil servants

What challenges do New Minister Face?

The first few months in office are critical for any new minister – setting the tone, forging relationships, and establishing their credibility



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